Every time I’m asked to fax something I roll my eyes. It’s almost 2020. The internet is ubiquitous, smartphones are in everyone’s pocket but I need to use a phone line, a fax and paper to send you an important document? C’mon man.

That’s where HolyFax! comes in. A fun pet project turned startup idea that a good developer buddy and I came up with and built in our spare time.

The service allows anyone with a smartphone, PC or tablet to upload numerous different filetypes or even snap photos of their docs with their cameraphone, enter a fax number and then send them over the web to be miraculously printed out of the receiver’s archaic fax machine on the other end, all for the simple rate of one dollar per page.

I loved this idea because of the opportunity it provided to take the clunky, albeit, sometimes still quite necessary task of sending faxes and rework it for the modern era, smoothing it over into a faster and easier experience than finding and using a fax machine or even other digital faxing services.

The project had good potential for monetization, as other players in the digital faxing space all required account creation with a credit card, subscriptions or purchasing blocks of pages to fax just to get started. They also all featured antiquated UI’s, none of which were mobile friendly. I liked being able to offer a breezy solution for those who just needed to send a single, quick fax. Snap a pic, sign into your PayPal and *boom* your document is sent with minimal effort.

HolyFax! was also fun to work on because as its co-founder, I was able to have complete creative control over every aspect of the brand and marketing, coining the name, designing the logo, crafting the value prop and writing all of the landing page content myself.

I also got the chance to do all of the front end work, writing the markup, CSS and even the jQuery for the document upload UI. Plus, since it’s incepton, I’ve never had to use another fax machine, a major win in my book.

Want to see more? Check out the live site.